About me

I’m Lucianne Hinch, 29 years old and living in Yorkshire with my boyfriend Matt and my Airedale Terrier, Ian. For the past 12 years I have worked as an upholsterer and was lucky enough 6 years since to take the plunge and become my own upholstery boss.


Fabric, colour, chairs. Fabric, colour, chairs... The thoughts consuming my mind every waking hour. I LOVE colour! It makes me so happy and it’s what makes me adore my job. Having the privilege of working with beautiful fabrics created by the best designers, both local and large scale makes me one lucky lady.

The beginning

My first working day as an apprentice upholsterer takes me back to when i was 17; a fresh faced, cheeky little sod working at a small scale upholstery firm in Wakefield. Prior to this I had spent a long, drawn out year at sixth form where I quickly learned that further education was a no go for me. As a result, my Mother abruptly took my hand and trundled me off to the Job Centre, forcing me at gun-point to apply for various jobs. This apprenticeship to do with cushions looked decent so i applied. I got the job and my upholstery journey began.

So, as you can probably guess from those turn of events, becoming an upholsterer wasn’t exactly what I was dreaming of through school. Having said this, i have always been creative and have a natural flair with art and let me tell you, walking out of sixth form not having the foggiest idea what i wanted to do with my life was actually the best thing i did..

''A little bit of me''

I remember my first day on September 9th 2006 as if it were yesterday. The day flew by! I was told to cut out patterns for some sofa arms, i loved it. What made each day so easy through my apprenticeship (and still today) was that every job is different. You very rarely do the same thing twice, keeping things fresh and learning the different skills required for varying pieces of furniture.

There are not many things more satisfying that taking a chair (an old antique especially, with lots of stories to tell) taking it back to the bones and building it up again to live on another few decades, with new clothes and new personality. Then the process repeats as the chair is handed down through generations.

I hope you find my work fun and interesting. I’ve covered it all (literally) from Victorian prayer chairs to kitting out the Players Lounge at Huddersfield Town.

“You name it, I’ve upholstered it!”